Zong to Get Alternate Spectrum for its 3G Services by Month End

Zong to Get Alternate Spectrum for its 3G Services by Month End

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Zong have reached an agreement that will resolve Zong’s long-pending spectrum issues it was facing due to distortion caused by cord-less phones in its 3G spectrum, we have checked with sources.

According to details we have received, Zong will be allotted an alternate spectrum by end of current month for its 3G services.

Sources said that the changing of Zong’s spectrum will take place by the end of December; however it would not affect subscribers.

A PTA official confirmed us that Zong has agreed with the proposal, which would be implemented by the end of current month.

It maybe recalled that Zong had sent a legal notice to PTA and Frequency Allocation Board (FAB)for putting the defective spectrum up for auction despite the fact that interference in the band was there since before the auction.

PTA and FAB had been put on 15 days notice that expired on November 23, 2015.

Zong had also demanded a compensation of $40 million dollars for loss of revenues during last 12 months, loss of market share, incremental costs incurred during this time in network optimization, cost of additional resources deployed to identify, evaluate and combat interference.

There wouldn’t be any cost involved in changing of spectrum: PTA Official

After today’s agreement between both the parties, Zong is likely to withdraw from its compensation demands, PTA official said. “There wouldn’t be any cost involved in changing of spectrum”, said the PTA official.

Dr. Ismail Shah Chairman PTA had stated that matter would be resolved amicably very soon. Chairman PTA agreed that Zong’s spectrum is being used by DECT 6.0 phones that create noise and distortion in the spectrum, however, according to Chairman, Zong had itself opted for this block of spectrum at the time of spectrum allotment.

It maybe recalled here that Zong had participated in the spectrum auction in 2014 and was awarded frequency spectrum band of 1920-1930 and 2110-2120MHz for 3G network and services.

Moreover, DECT 6.0 devices — that are imported from abroad — operate in the same 1920-1930MHz — that create interference in Zong’s spectrum.

PTA has said that it will continue to clean-up the distortion caused by DECT 6.0 phone in 3G spectrum so that it is made available for sale to any upcoming demand from mobile operators.