Social Apps Are The Biggest Resource Killers on Smartphones: AVG

Social Apps Are The Biggest Resource Killers on Smartphones: AVG



AVG has released its quarterly report which lists apps with the highest data consumption, battery consumption and performance reduction when used on smartphones. While some of the apps have retained the spot, there have been some new entrants in the list.

The software ranks all apps into four different categories based on the data received from its AVG app users who have also installed all these apps.

Snapchat is among the top 3 of the worst performing apps across three major metrics

Snapchat has overtaken Facebook as the worst performance hogging app despite having much lesser users compared to the big blue social network. Snapchat uses Wi-Fi, GPS and location information and the phone’s camera while being used or even when it’s running in the background. Snapchat has, in fact, gotten so bad that it has been mentioned in the top 5 for three of the top resource offending categories.

Amongst highest storage consumption, Spotify eats up the most storage space since it’s a streaming app but Chrome is the only browser app to be listed in the complete long list of top storage consumption apps. Samsung users should stay alert when using the WatchOn app as it is a major battery eater and is listed among the top 5 in two other categories.


When a user starts an app, they are more or less aware of an apps consumption information. The worst pack of apps are those which eat up the resources while working in the background and starting up without the user’s consent. These top background resource thieves are listed in the charts below:

If you were amazed to see Facebook’s name not being mentioned in the list before this one, it’s because that list was for apps that are working in the foreground upon user request and Facebook seems to have fixed most of the performance hogging issues in the foreground. But it’s a completely different story when looking into the background resource hoggers.

Facebook is the worst app for background performance, data traffic and storage consumption

Facebook tops three of the four categories being listed as the worst app when it comes to background performance impact, data traffic and storage consumption. Facebook Pages Manager isn’t a nice background app either so be careful when you install both of them.

The worst app that drains battery in the background is Android’s own Android Firmware Updater and Google Play Services. The rest of the battery killers are a few of Samsung’s services. Strangely, the Weather Channel and Avast’s Antivirus app consume a lot of data in the background even though they should not have that much data consumption.

Social Apps Rank Top For Resource Usage:

Clear from these charts, social apps are indeed the biggest resource hogs. Snapchat and Facebook being the worst offenders while BBM, Yahoo, Instagram, Samsung ChatOn, Line and Tumblr are amongst the Top 5 worse offenders in one or more categories.

AVG proposes that if you are worried about these apps slowing down your devices or creating battery problems, then you should clean your browser history and social app caches regularly, limit the usage of heavy apps and ensure the to use the latest version of apps.

For a detailed report click here or go to the source link below to view AVG’s press release.