PTI Broadcasts 1st LIVE Video on Facebook in Pakistan

PTI Broadcasts 1st LIVE Video on Facebook in Pakistan


According to the latest stats provided by Facebook, there are 23 million active users in Pakistan out of which 75% are from 18 to 25 years in age, making the platform one of the most populous places on internet to broadcast live coverage.

Just two days ago, PTI’s Facebook lead Mr. Ali Ghumman had a chat with party’s chairman Mr. Imran Khan, who told him that the Social Media Team (#PTISMT) must stay ahead of the pack. Taking the Chairman’s advice head on, Mr. Ghumman decided that this was the best time to launch the Live Broadcasting option that Facebook gives to verified pages on its platform.

If you remember, Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook Live Video on 15th Sept and then conducted a LIVE Q&A session with Mr. Modi that received 6.5 million views during the broadcast.

With Mr.Asad Umar just back from Islamabad after a massively successful local body campaign, the PTI’s social media team decided to test run the app with an interview with him.

Mr. Asad Umar and his wife were pretty intrigued by the fact that PTI’s Social Media Team would now be broadcasting them live from their home, with literally an internet connection and an app downloaded on the phone.

The Q&A session was hosted by Mr. Ahsan Alavi, PTI’s Twitter Lead and was supported by Ms. Zarlasht Faisal.

Reportedly, the response on live broadcast was more than what PTI was originally expecting as the video got more than 10,000 live viewers even when there was no hype generated for the show, as it was just a test run.

PTI said that the best part came from the interactive aspect of the live broadcast, as thousands of viewers signed in during the broadcast and every person tuned in had something to add in to the conversation.

In total there were around 240,000 Video Views, 32,498 engagements (Comments, Shares, and Likes) and around 1 million people were reached with this initiative.

Talking about the future plans, Mr. Imran Ghazali, Head of PTI Social Media Operations told that they have a lot of exciting ideas and will be bringing Imran Khan’s LIVE Q&A on Facebook along with other exclusive live coverage and segments during coming weeks.

As the number of Facebook users reach the 30 million mark, and mobile phones become personalized television screens, this live broadcasting feature is going to become vital during times to come.