PTCL Ruthlessly Bombards Customers with Forced Popup ADs

PTCL Ruthlessly Bombards Customers with Forced Popup ADs


PTCL is once again bombarding its DSL and EVO customers with pop-up ads injected into the websites that they visit while using PTCL’s broadband services.

PTCL users reported ProPakistani that they are left with no choice but to face brutal pop-ups causing huge frustration. And its not once in a while thing — that one can ignore — in fact they are inserting these pop-ups for every new website that customers open.

These POP-up ads — screen-grab shown below — are injected into websites that customers visit through PTCL’s DSL or EVO broadband services.


Forced Smart TV pop-up as shown to PTCL customers

This is not the first time that PTCL is involved in this unethical and illegal activity, but authorities concerned are apparently unmoved and giving a free hand to PTCL to do whatever it wants to.

“PTCL is stealing web-properties by criminally injecting its own ads — on websites that they don’t own — for a paid broadband service. This not only hurts customers’ experience but also costs web-publishers in lost revenue, bad experience and higher bounce rates” said a digital publisher while speaking with ProPakistani. “PTCL could be sued for this, if it was any country except Pakistan”, he added.

For some users, these pop-ad comes with no close button to shut-down the ad , leaving the customers to ultimately exit the website and do nothing on internet they have paid for.