PTA Gives Blackberry Another Month to Reach a Deal and Stay in Pakistan

PTA Gives Blackberry Another Month to Reach a Deal and Stay in Pakistan



Blackberry, that yesterday announced its exit from Pakistan for too much pressure from Pakistani government for backdoor access, has happily agreed and has delayed its exit.

The company, that was scheduled to be be shut down in Pakistan on November 30th, 2015 for not complying with government demands, had instead said that it was exiting from Pakistan because it could not give backdoor access to its BES network.

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After the extension from Pakistani government, Blackberry said on its website:

Government of Pakistan has notified BlackBerry that it has extended its shutdown order from November 30 to December 30.

BlackBerry will delay its exit from the Pakistan market until then.

PTA is apparently trying to save Blackberry’s less than 5,000 customers by extending the shut-down orders and asking Blackberry again for the access that it conveniently offers to various other countries.

Blackberry will now discuss these matters with PTA during next thirty days to see if they can reach a workable arrangement.

PTA said that it can allow Blackberry to operate in Pakistan if sufficient access to its communication is granted to Pakistani law enforcement agencies.

Blackberry’s BES services will now continue to work till December 30th, 2015 as normal, however, any future operations will depend on how Blackberry will respond to Pakistan’s demands during next thirty days.