Hackers Deface Allied Bank Website

Hackers Deface Allied Bank Website


Allied bank’s official website got hacked this weekend once again. Hackers, from MadLeets a.k.a 1337 group, gained access to Allied Bank’s server and defaced one of its webpages located here: https://www.abl.com/fresh-banknotes-issuance-on-eid-ul-fitr-2015/

This is not the first time that Allied Bank’s website is hacked, however, it appears that bank didn’t learn anything from past experiences and is convenient with all such hacks.

And as hackers wrote in their greeting message:

| Pwned you again | Shame on your security

Its time for Allied Bank to get their servers hardened by professionals.

What’s more worrying is the fact that defaced page is intact for over 12 hours now, hinting that Bank’s officials are well under the rock when it comes to their website’s security.

It is unclear if, during the incident, any customer data was compromised or not.

Here’s the Zone-H mirror, just in case if Allied Bank is able to revert the page: http://www.zone-h.com/mirror/id/25153464