Facebook Adds Support For Live Photos

Facebook Adds Support For Live Photos

Facebook has added support for live photos; a feature that is present in Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Currently, the feature is only going to be compatible with Apple’s flagship smartphones. Following Tumblr’s support for the new picture format, Facebook has also followed suit with Live Photos.

Here’s how Live Photos look like in iOS devices running iOS9 and above:


So How Exactly Does Facebook’s Support For Live Photos Work?

When you are uploading a Live Photo, it is pretty much the same process that you would be undertaking when you use your iPhone to send a Live Photo. When uploading a photo from your camera roll that happens to be Live Photo-enabled, a ‘Live’ box will appear in the bottom right. You are going to have to tap that and it will be uploaded as a Live Photo. If you do not manage to tap it, then only the still image will be uploaded.

Here is the thing. You will have to tap that box manually with each Live Photo, but it has been done for a very good reason. Live Photos can actually be created without you having knowledge of it because it is done in a very swift manner. With the feature forcing you to choose each photo, you will prevent yourself from accidentally sending a Live Photo each time to the recipient, which will obviously take a larger amount of time since they possess a much larger size compared to regular still images.

Currently, only iPhone 6s and 6s Plus support the capture of live photos. However, third party developers will be definitely at work with suitable alternatives so that other smartphone users will be able to avail the feature as well.