Coca Cola Launches its MENA Scholarship Programme in Pakistan

Coca Cola Launches its MENA Scholarship Programme in Pakistan

The Coca-Cola Company has partnered with the US State Department to sponsor 100 university students from the Middle East, North Africa and Near Asia (MENA) region for a fully funded summer entrepreneurship programme. The scholarship is based on a “Make Tomorrow Better” competition where applicants will contest for the top spot.

Details about the Scholarship Program for Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurship programme will last for four weeks and take place at the Indiana University’s prestigious Kelley School of Business. It is one of the top-ranked business programmes in the US. This multi-tiered scholarship programme is designed to give a group of students and potential entrepreneurs, an opportunity to learn about business education through an accelerated curriculum at one of the top tuition centres in the world.

The Coca-Cola Scholarship programme is available in 7 countries in the MENA region including Pakistan, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia. Out of the 100 fully funded scholarships, 14 will be awarded to Pakistanis.

The programme will begin in July 2016 and finish in early August. All students will be flown to the United States and will be offered free accommodation, meals and visa expenses. The programme guidelines note that the management is aware of the clash between Ramadan and the course, therefore, Indiana University