CheezMall has a Surprise for Everyone!

CheezMall has a Surprise for Everyone!


After concluding a successful discount campaign last month, CheezMaill is up again with surprises for every shopper for Christmas.

CheezMall told me that it sold tens of millions worth of items on Nov 25th, when it had offered a flat Rs. 5,000 discount on every order for the day.

Without revealing any details on exact amount of sales it did during the promotion period, the company said that response was humongous as people loved Rs. 5,000 discount on orders that were greater than Rs. 10,000 in value.

CheezMall told ProPakistani that its entire stock during discount promotion was cleared, while satisfied customers have become recurring shoppers who apparently love CheezMall’s daily shocker deals the most.

Without revealing much details, CheezMall said that it has surprises for every shopper who will buy from CheezMall during Christmas.

The company said that it has allocated huge budgets for these surprise hidden gifts that shoppers are going to get with their original orders. These free gifts would be on top of better than usual discount rates that CheezMall will be offering during the Christmas season.

The new promotion is going to start on December 24th, 2015 and will continue till December 27th, 2015.

CheezMall said that it is expanding its product range with more local brands to be expected during the Christmas promotion. Not to mention, additional international brands are going to be added during the week as well.

CheezMall is best known for daily shocker deals that come with more than 50% discounts. Additionally there are flash deals that remain live till stock is cleared. These deals are refreshed every three days, meaning that new products with new deals are offered every three days or till the stock is cleared.

You can expect more details, during next few days, on products that CheezMall will be offering, or type of free gifts that you should expect during Christmas.