CheezMall Announces Rs. 5,000 Flat Discounts on Bills on Nov 25th

CheezMall Announces Rs. 5,000 Flat Discounts on Bills on Nov 25th


While Pakistan is abuzz over Nov 27th discounts from Daraz, Kaymu and HomeShopping on Black Friday, or White Friday for some, CheezMall has announced that it will offer Rs. 5,000 flat discounts on Nov 25th, 2015 for orders valued at Rs. 10,000 or more.

CheezMall is calling the promotion “Deals on Deals” where already discounted products will come with a flat Rs. 5,000 discount on total bills of over Rs. 10,000.

CheezMall said that this discount promotion is part of its launch celebrations in Pakistan and some Rs. 50 million has been kept aside to offer Rs. 5,000 discount for first 10,000 orders/customers who will shop from CheezMall on Nov 25th, 2015.

One customer will be able to avail up to five discount coupons on the day, but on separate products, i.e. if you are buying five products that are valued over Rs. 10,000 each then you can get Rs. 5,000 discount on each item with up to five instances of coupon.

While discount details aren’t shared with us as of yet, CheezMall told me that there will be several categories available on the day that will be eligible for discounts.

When I asked CheezMall if a customer will be eligible for discount if he/she buys several items with a total bill of Rs. 10,000 or more, it said that there would be plenty of options for consumers available. If a consumer don’t want to buy more then he can avail another category where massive discounts upto 90% would be already applied so that no one can go without buying on that day.

Then there will be products, such as iPhones, that will come with flat discount of Rs. 5,000.

CheezMall said that is has partnered with Telenor, Zong, clothing brands, smartphone brands, electronics and all sorts of other products to offer a flat discount that has never been offered in Pakistan before.

Black Friday deals and then this “Deals on Deals” from CheezMall is sure going to increase awareness among masses and it there’s no doubt that we are going to have countless first time shoppers going to make their first ever ecommerce transaction this week.

We are hoping that ecommerce companies will use this opportunity wisely and will be able to retain such first time shoppers by offering real value, and not by displaying double-than-actual prices and then offering 50% discounts.