27 Hilarious Responses to Nargis Fakhri AD in Urdu Newspapers

27 Hilarious Responses to Nargis Fakhri AD in Urdu Newspapers


Below are few of hilarious responses on one of the most controversial print ads in the recent times:

This Imaginative clarification is from a friend. We are holding his name as this update was private:


It is clarified that the advertisement of a renowned company published today on the front page of some newspapers has completely been misunderstood by some readers, hence the criticism on the innocent model, company and the newspapers is baseless and ufounded.

The false interpretations, especially of graphical illustrations, made by a group of readers is a result of their own imagination of an otherwise very creative and innovative advert.

The ad is not provocative and it only aims at enhancing aesthetical faculties of readers, therefore, features wrapped in red were used carefully. Further, a single letter ‘X’ has also been used in the ad, which actually refers to word excitement whereas, the company can’t take responsibility if the single letter has been imaginatively replaced with double or triple ones by some critics.

it’s a matter of fact that in the past too so called critics of creativity had objected to the posters of Pashto and Punjabi movies with graphical elaborations. In fact, these self acclaimed preachers of morality want to deprive people of their right to information and entertainment while vast majority finds such images self-entertaining and self-gratifying.

Therefore, in the interest of justice and for the principle of fairness, innocent model, renowned company and popular newspapers may not be held accountable for what they did not intend to convey through the ad in question.

And here you go with publicly available tweets: